How Is Social Media Changing, and How Can Digital Marketing Keep Up?

Social media is ever-changing. To keep up, digital marketers must be innovative and willing to learn.

Social media platforms are constantly changing

The Bristol office have been talking, recently, about how social media is changing. 

About how more and more marketers are finding it difficult to keep up, to get their marketing content out there to an audience. 

New platforms beyond the big three – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – are popping up and gaining popularity. Digital detoxing is trendy. Now is the time for digital content marketers to be strategic about their social media. 

What’s the number one thing to remember? 

These platforms are constantly changing. What worked last week may not work this week. You need to stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s how…

1. It’s all about engagement

Engage with your audience

In order for people to believe in your content, to buy what you are selling them, they need to believe in you. In your brand. 

How do you get people to believe in your brand?

  • Encourage conversation, get talking to your followers
  • Provide incentive (a discount code, for example)
  • Use polls, ask questions, create interactivity and engagement

This will help you to build a community on your page. 

2. Niche communities 

More people are currently gravitating towards niche forums, online communities, and smaller, social media start-ups than ever before.

What should you do?

  • Dedicate time to searching for niche communities that would welcome you 
  • Look for high engagement rates on posts 
  • Ask to join groups/create accounts 
  • Contribute, whether that be through articles, advice, or general conversation

We love being based in Bristol, a city that understands the value of community. And community is just as important online. 

Finding sites with aligned interests/values could help your marketing content reach different people, encouraging growth. 

3. Sell yourself, not your products

Some people are stepping away from social media. They feel like they’re missing human connection, like things have become too robotic. 

Those put off by anything too corporate will be drawn to your feed if you can prove yourself to be a real person. An actual human. Not just someone mindlessly pushing their product. 

How can you convey this professionally?

  • Talk about how your brand/business got started
  • Talk a little about your personal life, and how it informs your work
  • Talk about what inspires you, what you love about what you do
  • Talk about competitors and fellow people in your industry who you think are doing a great job

Social media shouldn’t feel like non-stop marketing. Try to build genuine connections wherever you can. 

Instagram stories

4. Instagram stories

Instagram stories have grown hugely popular since their introduction. Some Instagram users say they check their stories, but not their feed. 

Arguably, stories are preferred for the same reason that Youtube remains popular and TikTok is building in popularity: People like videos. They like to have something visual to engage with. 

People also like to be able to put a face to a brand. Talking to your camera may take some adjustment, but it’s likely to increase engagement on your page. Here are some examples

5. Instant customer service

Good customer service keeps people coming back. It proves you’re a reliable brand. With social media being accessible 24 hours of the day, people assume you are as well. 

Respond as quickly as possible to complaints, and always keep things professional on your end. Any publicly handled feedback will be visible to all.

Can digital marketers keep up? We think so! Our best strategy comes in two simple parts:

    • Keep on top of the latest trends
    • Keep engaging with your audience 

At Impressona, we provide content marketing solutions for businesses in and out of Bristol. Need help with your social media marketing content? Contact us.

Ellis Hartley-McDonald

Ellis is part of Impressona's social media team. Within his background in marketing, he has worked in several marketing areas and business industries.

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