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Content marketing is a complex business and there is a great deal to consider. Our FAQ answers some of the main questions you might have.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach which focuses on the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content, to draw and/or retain a specific audience. The content may be in various forms, such as social media posts, blogs, white papers and videos.

How will content marketing benefit me?

In a day and age where pretty much everything is widely accessible on the internet, it doesn’t mean that you and your business are to your target consumers. It’s not enough to just have a website; factors like search engine optimisation and competition, mean that you need to stand out and this is where having an effective and robust content strategy comes into play. Content marketing improves conversion rates for your business and this is because it helps you to reach the right people. It is also much cheaper and cost-efficient compared to traditional outbound marketing and more likely to generate a return on investment too.

Producing consistent and valuable content for targeted marketing channels and keywords and link building are some of the aspects that may make the difference between someone who just spots your name on the internet and an actual lead for your business.

Are there any common problems with content marketing?

Lack of planning, as with pretty much everything else, is a major reason why content strategies fail. But in that, is the lack of a strategy at all. Content won’t work if you have no understanding of what your tone and style, which type is best, where to put it, and how to measure it. Before starting any content marketing, you need to try and understand those who will consume the content.

Placing your content is more complex than simply posting it to your blog or social media channels. You need to strategise outreach and digital PR so that your best content ends up in the best places.

If you’re looking to embark in the world of content marketing or need help with a strategy, get in touch with us and we’ll help you get it right.

How often should content be produced?

Generally, the regularity and type of content will depend on your business and its goals. But, the key is to be consistent and try to stick to a schedule. Having a schedule will not only ensure that your content will be effective for your brand, but as it builds, it will hopefully become content that your audience will look forward to. Fusing various forms of content in your strategy will provide opportunities for your business to be consistent but also keep your audience entertained.

What is the process of working with Impressona?

We always begin by seeking to understand you and your business. It helps us to understand your way of saying things and how we should go about creating content on your behalf. This foundational approach is essential to the success of working together and we’re happy to do this face to face, or via conference call.

Once we understand who you are and where you and your business want to go, we get into the planning for the content. This is important for any process and we focus on making sure that the content we create is not only specific to your goals but will also provide you with a return on investment. Planning will not only ensure that we create the right content for you and your audience, but also the process for measuring the effectiveness.

Once the plans and processes are in place, we will begin implementing the content strategy, ensuring that everything that is done is monitored and evaluated against your requirements. This allows for refinement and ensures that the process is as flexible and efficient as possible. You are given access to the data that your content creates and if needed, we can stage meetings to discuss the progress of projects.

Why should I choose Impressona?

  • We spend time understanding you and your business; what makes you unique, what your style and tone is and all the important factors which will influence the content strategy that we create for you
  • We plan meticulously so that the right content is created for you and your audience and that you can receive a return on investment
  • We’ve spent time perfecting our processes so that they can be as effective as they can be for you and your business
  • Our content is driven by you and your needs

What are buyer personas and how are they used within content marketing?

A buyer persona is a fictional characterisation of your target consumer. They are a very useful tool within content marketing, as by focusing directly on customers, their needs and how they will interact with your products/services, they help to create more effective content.

Here at Impressona, we create buyer personas before we create content; get in touch if you’d like us to help you create some of your own.

What is ‘audience’ and ‘traffic’, and how are they different?

‘Traffic’ is anyone who comes into contact with your business and its products and services, or views your website or content, but doesn’t engage or stay in contact with it. An ‘audience’ are those who await your content or who are actively interested in your business. Generally speaking, those who visit and leave are ‘traffic’, while those who stay and engage are your ‘audience’.

Ellis Hartley-McDonald

Ellis is part of Impressona's social media team. Within his background in marketing, he has worked in several marketing areas and business industries.

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