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High-quality blog posts remain the best way to help customers see what you do and drive inbound leads.

Need to open people's eyes to what you do?

400 blogs posts written per year

60% average increase in traffic across our blog customers

6.8% average click through rate of blog call to actions, across all our clients.

It’s one thing having a blog, it’s quite another getting people to read it. Impressona create blogs that don’t just get people coming to read it, they get people clicking on your call to action. A blog post is a gateway to your website and needs to usher your visitors to come further in. By working hard on your target persona we make sure we create something they not only want to read, but will actively engage in.

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Charles wrote a series of blog posts for my website. The quality and detail was spot on for every post. He took his time to understand the requirements and delivered on time. I would highly recommend his services

Simon Smith - Just Structure
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The blogs you wrote look fantastic
and we’ve already had some sales leads
from them.

Oliver Hawthorn, Hubb Property Group
Impressona can write blogs on any topic and drive results by inbound marketing

The essence of content marketing

Producing a set of connected blogs posts for ASR installations

How to drive inbound marketing within the owned media sphere

ASR installations needed to create a wide-ranging set of blog posts. After talking to them about who they hoped to attract and what overall aims they had for their digital marketing, we decided that a cornerstone blog model was going to be most effective. Impressona then created a framework and undertook persona, keyword and topic research which allowed us to make an editorial diary for publication. As the campaign gathered pace we ran organic social, digital PR, and paid Social and PPC feeder campaigns to increase engagement and sharing. The strong results have allowed ASR to see the full benefits of inbound marketing.

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