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Impressona are experts at professional and business blogging. We understand how to put together well-researched, fact-rich, engaging blog posts about a wide variety of topics, trends and marketplaces.

Many companies feel as if they need a business blog, but aren’t really sure why. Many blogs are updated haphazardly, and with content that is too simple, not optimised, and not written with an objective in mind. News posts and updates are added as an afterthought, and blogging is low down on the list of priorities for many business owners.

However, a business blog is an important part of your company’s website and can, when updated properly, help generate inbound leads of good quality. A blog is where you can write about your expertise, your passion, and whatever is happening in your industry and marketplace- without clogging up your services pages with unnecessary prose. Blog posts that are highly targeted and optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) also perform well in the eyes of Google, and can draw valuable traffic to your website as a whole, not mention attract those potential customers. Lastly, an informative, interesting blog post about a certain topic can help cement your reputation as an expert in your particular field. Credibility is important for potential clients, and blogging is a great way of enhancing that.

Therefore, as part of a digital content strategy, a well-written, well-planned and well-executed professional blog is a must.

Business blogging that truly helps your online visibility

In order to help boost the overall visibility of your brand or business online, each blog post needs to have certain ingredients that add up to something easy to crawl, relevant to your readers, and compelling enough to provoke a reaction.

These ingredients are all things we include as standard as part of our specialist blogger services :

  • Appropriate SEO page titles, header tags and a meta description
  • Interesting, relevant images that are appropriately tagged
  • Keywords and keyword variations that are relevant to your subject matter
  • Facts and figures that help illustrate the article and make it more credible
  • 1,000 to 1,500 words of well-written, pertinent copy with any internal and external links also included

We put all this together into an easy to digest blog template with clear instructions, if they are needed, for your webmaster to follow when publishing each post to your blog.

Or, we can post each piece ourselves, with the correct permissions.

The Impressona professional blog writing service

Well written blog posts to fit your content strategy

Big or small, businesses that hope to engage customers and garner the attention of search engines, need a regular blog.

Blog posts should always be written with an overall content marketing strategy in mind. For example, what is the purpose of the post you are writing? What customer need or question does it answer? What other pages are relevant on your website, so that the post can be interlinked properly? What keywords are you trying to rank for with your post? And which of those keywords are the most popular, or most appropriate, for your blog post, and why?

All of these questions are influenced by your content marketing strategy, and if you don’t have one, then worry not, we can help with that too. Writing a post because you think it’s a good idea will rarely be an effective way of generating interest in your business, but writing a post which gives people valuable insight into a business question will.

A vital part of any content strategy is an editorial calendar or content schedule, and blogs should be updated regularly, every week or month, with fresh, detailed content. We ensure all our blog writing services are delivered with your editorial calendar in mind, and will provide posts on time, to schedule, in an affordable way.

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