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Whitepaper writing services for your business

Still one of the most impactful content types

Impressona are expert copywriters. We have written professional white papers for a variety of clients across different sectors. We know the importance of research, planning and meticulous attention to detail, and can build you a suite of expert material to help prove your expertise in any given marketplace.

What is a white paper? Display your business credentials

White papers are written documents that help potential customers to become actual clients. An important tool to use during the decision-making lifecycle of your target audience, they are a great way for a business to display expert knowledge on a particular subject or specialisation. They are long, factual and highly informative pieces of content, like an essay or a report, about a single topic. Click here to see an example of our own Whitepaper.

Professional whitepapers are designed to answer the questions of future clients and establish your credentials as leaders in your field. A well-written paper can reassure potential clients of your knowledge and skill set, and set you apart as their preferred choice amongst your competitors. White papers are properly formatted, laid out, and often illustrated in the same way that company reports or brochures are. Many also include charts, diagrams and other imagery to help bring the paper to life for your target audience.

White Papers can also help you to build a mailing list of potential customers. Having the paper available on your website to download in exchange for an email address is a common and effective marketing tactic. Those who do download your content have already expressed an interest in your brand and services, and so are much more likely to be actual paying clients in the long run, if the relationship is handled properly.

Making your expertise delivery value

Because you spend all day in your company, you might not be aware of quite how much amazing knowledge there is around you. To you, all that amazing intelligence is every-day and normal. To your customers, it can be an incredible source of insight. When presented the right way, you can convince a potential customer you are the right people for their needs by showing off just how much you know.

The very best white papers bring the technical information and deep understanding of your entire team into a form that can be read by your target buyer. Impressona spend a great deal of time speaking to your team members so we can squeeze every drop of knowledge from them and into the white paper.

White paper writing service from the professionals

Any White Paper should fit in with your overall Content Marketing Strategy, which is something we know a lot about.

Although each paper will be about a different topic, there are common ingredients, as with any other type of business content, that make the document more likely to perform and persuade:

  • A clear and logical structure and argument
  • Facts and figures that are accurate, to support your case
  • Plain English and an easy to read style, free of jargon
  • Illustrations, charts and images to reinforce the content
  • A simple, bold layout that makes the document easier to read
  • A strong tone of voice and brand presence
  • Clear calls to action to the reader
  • An obvious understanding of the target audience

At Impressona we know how to include all of these elements into one impactful document.

Our whitepaper writing process: everything starts with you

Before we start any content project, we like to get to know you first. We will sit and fact-gather with you in a planning session, gaining a full insight into your business and its objectives, your USP, client-base and skillset. We then look at the topic you would like to produce a whitepaper for, establish the best contacts and places to research this topic, agree to a rough structure with you, and record any other information you have at this point that can help with the project.

Our experienced writers take this information, and use it to produce a long-form document for you to amend or approve, before putting the content into a layout that is both pleasing and easy to digest.

The end result is an informative paper that is useful, persuasive and completely on-brand, encouraging your future customers to see you as leaders in your field.

It's just a line, but important none the less

If you would like to find out more about Impressona, our professional Whitepaper writing services, or any of the other services we provide,
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