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Content that creates the right impression

Selecting the right content for the job

Excellent content marketing remains the most effective inbound marketing strategy. Content generation is a difficult and time-consuming task that needs a deep understanding of copywriting, graphic design, animation, and video production. All of these elements need to be woven with strategy and a flair for the creative.

The Impressona team have all of these skills (and a few more besides). We can create spellbinding content that doesn’t just look great, but actually gets people talking about your brand.

We back all of this up with a strategy to promote and retarget content so that value is well and truly maximised.

From a simple Facebook status update right through to a full video production, generation of high-quality content needs to be at the heart of your digital marketing. Modern content marketing makes use of mixed types of content to bring the right message to the right audience in a way they will relate to. This ability to create content relies on four main threads ;

website copy


The art of getting your message across using the written word is still the primary medium for content marketing. Be that a hard-converting five-word page title or carefully crafted 1000+ word long-form blogs, words have a deep impact on how people relate your content. The Impressona copy team has over 50 years of writing experience between us and we’re all UK native English speakers.



Outstanding images and photography allow you to show, rather than tell, using content marketing. The right image in the right place can be a big positive when it comes to how effective your digital content is. Photos that show your team doing what they do best, or that show your products in their best light, can really engage your target viewers.


Graphic Design and Animation

When it comes to making your brand stand out from the crowd, good graphic design and animation make a big difference. You can illustrate how your product works or why your service is the perfect solution to your customers’ problems.


Video Production

Since YouTube propelled video into the digital marketing mainstream it’s grown into a huge content format. Video has been shown to deliver a fantastic return on investment, even if it is more of the more expensive content types to create, and complex to get right.

Content that sets the imagination alight

Combining words, images and video

Matching content with the message and the audience.

When we create content, it’s always with three things in mind. How your brand should be represented, who should your content be aimed at and what do those people want to see? This trinity of considerations means that the content Impressona create has a great chance of hitting the mark. Where others “pray and spray” content, our data-driven foundational approach means we have the ability to create and target content in a way that brings real results.

It's just a line, but important none the less

Take a look at our content showreel to get an idea of why our content is so highly effective.

Want to see under the hood? We’d be happy to put you in touch with exisiting customer so you can see what we’re all about.

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