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Impressona UK are Bristol based experts in video marketing. And what better way to showcase your products, services and skills than with a promotional video? Video content, if done correctly, performs well with customers of all types. A video is easy to interact with, digest and remember. Video marketing can therefore be a highly effective way of raising your brand awareness and appealing to potential clients.

We have a track record of producing informative, engaging video content to help you achieve your goals and business objectives. Our proactive and knowledgeable video marketing experts will work tirelessly to deliver you polished and engaging content that will really make a difference to your brand.


What we do: Explainer videos

Also known as intros, stings and promotional videos, these are short, simple films that explain who you are, and what you do. They are great for featuring on websites and for sharing on social media platforms.


Conservatory roof insulation explainer

ICP are specialists in insulating conservatories so that they are warmer, dryer, and more useable all year round. They needed an explainer promotional video to better communicate what can be a rather ‘dry’ topic to potential customers.

Website design explainer

Just Structure are freelance web developers in Bristol, specialising in building websites, hosting them and maintaining them for business clients. They needed a simple, bright and cheery explainer to help sell their services.

Content marketing explainer

Content marketing can be a difficult concept to explain to stakeholders not in your marketing team. We made this explainer video to quickly illustrate the concept.

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How can the Impressona video marketing team in Bristol help?

At every stage, our video experts make it easy for your business to create video content

We work with you to produce the perfect video for your business.

We research, storyboard and script your video, and then get your sign-off before it goes into production. Our videos are crafted with a clear message and brand persona. We will handle capturing videos and photos of your business and assets to include in the production if necessary.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are an exciting way of communicating technical product specifications and other conceptual messages to your audiences. Usually involving 2D or 3D animation and imagery, they are a sophisticated means of demonstrating your product or service.

We can research, storyboard and write scripts for an impactful motion graphics film that you can then use on your website, in social media campaigns, email and even in paid ad campaigns. We can arrange a detailed product photo-shoot to showcase a certain product, or even 3D imaging of that item if needed. All elements of signed off by you so that you know exactly what you are getting before the final render stage.

Live video

By ‘live video’, we don’t mean hitting the ‘go live’ button on Facebook or Instagram (But we can help with that, too). We mean using real-life human beings in a fully scripted production for your business. This can be very useful for promotional purposes, and also showcase any key personnel at your company, or, if you prefer, we can use actors to represent what you do and how you do it.

As with the other types of video, we work with you on the initial concept, story boarding, shot lists, kit lists and any actor and voice actor talent we think would work well in your production. We also handle lighting, sound and props, location scouting, permit management and other logistics.

We operate both single and multi-camera shoots, from 1080p up to 8K. We can also provide drone and aerial video footage, depending on your needs and the planned location.

Digital marketing is always in the front of our minds when we create video content, and we can shoot in multiple formats and alternative scenes to maximise the video reach across multiple social channels. Editing and colour grading is also a carefully thought about part of this process.


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