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About Us

A content marketing agency that cares who you are

Our focus on the personality of your business comes from years of experience in creating content. Generic, off-the-shelf, content does not tend to perform well. There is a reason your customers love what you do; let’s find out what that is and then show the world why you are so great at what you do. Our team knows how to uncover the hidden variables that go to formulating a powerful content marketing campaign. Our creators know how to generate content that speaks to your audience. We know how to find the spaces in the digital landscape that showcase your business in the best light. In short, we know how to make your content marketing work. Ready to meet the team?

The Impressona Digital Marketing Philosophy

When you work with a company on any large project it’s natural you’ll want to understand their approach. When we first talk to new and prospective customers we most often hear tales of woe about previous digital marketing being wasteful of budget.

“We’ve spent so much on content and can never seem to equate that to the actual value or even new clients” is a common theme.

There are many reasons why your content marketing might not be attaining the heights you’d hoped for. For this reason, our philosophy is ;

“Start from a solid foundation and build upwards”. 

Sounds fancy, but what does it mean for your business? We build all of our customers, from the smallest to the biggest, the same solid foundation of digital marketing data.

  • A brand persona toolkit – Who are you, what are you trying to say, and how will you say it?
  • A target personaWho are you trying to talk to and how do they like to be spoken to?
  • Content marketing analysisWhat does your digital estate look like, where are the gaps and how can we hit as many ‘home runs’ as possible?
  • MetricsWhat do you want to acheive and how will we measure success?

From this springboard of real data (we speak to your customers, look at your competitors and dig deep into your business analytics) we work to meet the goals you have set (if they’re not realistic, we’ll let you know). Content marketing is for leads, not for fun (but it can be both).

So when we say we have a ‘foundational approach’ that’s what we mean. It’s baked into our very philosophy.

Our People

Charlie oversees all the content marketing work done at Impressona

Charles Hodson


Charlie is the owner of Impressona. Starting his career in IT, he transitioned into freelance content writing, where he saw that many companies were ending up with generic off-the-shelf content. It was this insight that led him to form Impressona, a company that sets brands apart, by showing off the personality behind them. His passion for writing has led to him producing content in a wide range of forms, on hundreds of websites, and for several publications.

Gemma Amor Freelance writer

Gemma Amor

Freelance copywriter and digital marketing consultant

Gemma is a freelance copywriter and digital marketing consultant. She is also a published author, novelist and podcaster. Her background is in both client-side marketing, and as an in-house Marketing Manager for a telecoms company, an SEO agency and a content marketing agency respectively. She specialises in writing copy that is simple, effective, and emotive, and she also advises small businesses on how to improve their online visibility.

Impressona content creator, Nisrin

Nisrin Ziani

Content assistant

Nisrin is one of Impressona’s content creators, creating content for both our channels and for our clients. Her background includes marketing, business and economics and she has worked in several business sectors, including retail.


Ellis Hartley-McDonald

Social media manager

Ellis is part of Impressona’s social media team, assisting with content for both Impressona and our clients. Within his background in marketing, he has experience within several areas, such as content creation and marketing strategy, and in several business industries, such as retail and the arts.