Social Media Management

Social media has become a highly competitive space and getting the right kind of attention takes time, effort, knowledge and carefully crafted content.

Social media done right

1000+ Social Posts on behalf of our clients

580% average engagement increase on Facebook pages we manage

810% average twitter engagement increase on Twitter feeds we manage

Social done right

Three Cherries wanted a reboot of their social channels

Can social engage local markets towards your business?

Three Cherries, a Bristol based IT consultancy, wanted to gauge how effective social channels could be in connecting them to local businesses. After Impressona produced a digital strategy, a social roadmap was produced that planned out how they could test and measure various social campaigns against set metrics and benchmarks.

Thanks to careful planning it was easy to find what content performed well and how to leverage this response for maximum effect. Conversation and engagement rose steadily and it was clear that the advanced targeting techniques we deployed were having the desired effect.

Careful collection of data means that future campaign planning will now have access to even more powerful information when it comes to meeting specific aims such as lead generation or community engagement.

When social media management is done correctly it can achieve a wide range of aims. Here, production of a precise targetted picture and how we could reach a particular audience with a specific message.

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