How to Improve Your SEO Rankings in 30 Days

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Follow our 10 tips to improve your SEO rankings within the next month.


At Impressona, we’re SEO experts. In our work developing content strategy for London and Bristol startups, we’ve narrowed down our tactics. 

Here are 10 key things that your business can do to boost its SEO rankings. 

1. Layout and formatting 

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t work here. The way that your website looks will partially determine how much activity it gets. 

Does it encourage visitors to stay? Or does it make them want to leave?

So, what makes an aesthetically attractive, well-formatted website?

  • Neat and organised (information is easily accessible, and nothing is overwhelming to the eye)
  • Bold type and bright colours are used, but sparingly so
  • Short paragraphs and ample line spacing (no big, dense blocks of text)
  • Content is broken up by headings and subheadings
  • Appropriate images are used to break up the text and create a more visually interesting display.

Keeping things clean and clutter-free will evoke a more positive response from your site visitors. 

2. ‘Contact us’ page

Listing contact information (number, email address, contact form) on your website will mean that your site is considered trustworthy by Google. 

If Google trusts your site, then it will rank more highly.

To ensure a positive user experience, keep your contact information simple and clear, and make sure it’s easy to find.

3. Keywords

Using keywords throughout your marketing content will increase your rankings. How should you use them?

  • Fit keywords naturally into sentences
  • Include keywords in heading tags and image captions
  • Keep an eye on keyword trends, and follow these 
  • Include long-tail keywords (three to four-word searches)
  • Avoid oversaturation in order to maintain a positive user experience

4. Mobile-friendly 

Though we’re based in Bristol, we often conduct marketing work further afield. Because of this, we really value content that can be consumed on our phones, on the go. 

Another way to make your site trustworthy, improving its rankings? Make sure that mobile users are also able to have a good experience.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly

5. Make sure your site is secure

A significant amount of people will come off a website if they don’t feel that it’s secure. 

According to Google, that S at the end of the HTTP is essential for your trustworthiness as a site.

6. Page load speed 

Speedy technology has made us impatient when it comes to slow page load speeds. If Google recognises your page as being slow, it will damage your rankings. 

Websites like Gtmetrix will test the speed of your site for free. 

7. Start blogging 

Starting a blog will help you to engage with your visitors. 

Regularly updating the blog with high quality, purposeful marketing content will increase traffic to your site. This will boost your trustworthiness and, in turn, your rankings. 

If your efforts are concentrated elsewhere, but the idea of a blog appeals to you, we are happy to offer our services.

8. Encourage social media sharing

Nowadays, we often communicate via social media. Giving visitors an option to share your site on their feed will increase visibility. 

9. Great, click worthy titles

A great title will encourage visitors to your site. What’s a great title, then?

  • Succinct 
  • Rich with keyword phrases 
  • Not over the top/hyperbolic
  • Relevant to the content, and to your business

10. Update content regularly

When improving your SEO, how much time people spend on your site once they visit it (dwell time) is very important.

To keep your visitors coming back, make sure to update your content regularly, and keep your site exciting and relevant.

In need of content marketing solutions? Please don’t hesitate to contact the Bristol office. We would be delighted to help.

Ellis Hartley-McDonald

Ellis is part of Impressona's social media team. Within his background in marketing, he has worked in several marketing areas and business industries.

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